Remote / Internet Depositions:
With high-speed internet and camera enabled device such as laptop, tablet or cell phone will enable clients, deponents and co-counsel to enter into a virtual meeting room for a deposition, trial, hearing or client meeting. You may also share exhibits via our platform, upload or video technician.

On-line Scheduling:
You can schedule your depositions with A&B Reporting on-line at your convenience. You may schedule via our online form or by email. We will confirm receipt of your on-line scheduling via email or phone.

Realtime reporting gives you the ability to directly connect to the court reporter at the time of a deposition. This realtime reporting capability will provide counsel with the instantaneous access to the testimony being reported. Litigation support packages such as CaseView, LiveNote Summation or Transcript Manager Pro allows attorneys to electronically search text, make annotations, make notes and organize text during the deposition.

Digitized Video and Transcript Synchronization:
With A&B Reporting video technology, you can simultaneously view the deponent's transcript and digitized video at the same time. Other features include being able to edit, take photograph clips, pause and much more.

With E-Transcript you can send and receive secure , accurate deposition transcripts via email. You can easily navigate, search and print e-transcripts without the need for any special software. A&B Reporting formats the transcripts in a secure, password and virus-protected format, and then delivers the transcript to you via email.

Transcripts that contain exhibits are scanned into .pdf format (viewable with Adobe Acrobat). Exhibits will also be emailed.

Every transcript you receive will include an electronic Ascii file for that deposition. An ASCII is a non-formatted text file. This file can be printed and/or imported into nearly all legal software. ASCII files are small in size and can easily be emailed.